Royal Icing

This Royal Icing recipe from the 'International School Of Sugarcraft Book One' is perfect every time. Use this recipe for piping and flooding. For different uses simply alter the consistency.

Makes 500g/1lb Royal Icing


2 Egg Whites

1ml/1/4 teaspoon lemon juice

500g/1lb Icing Sugar

Add 5ml/1tsp glycerine for covering a cake

1. Add the lemon juice to a bowl of the egg whites.

2. Sift some of the icing sugar into the bowl and using a clean wooden spoon stir the sugar into the mixture.

3. Stir in more icing sugar and beat.

4. Once the icing sugar has been added if you wish to pipe the icing using an electric whisk beat until stiff peaks form. Do not whisk if using for runouts and flooding. Also, if you are using the icing to cover a cake add the glycerine in now and beat until the consistency of thick cream.

Tip! Using glycerine will prevent the icing from drying hard and enable easy cutting